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How might changes in student visa provision affect UK immigration levels?

Net migration to the UK has reached record highs. International students are included in the immigration statistics and the government has implied it may seek to limit their future numbers. More research is needed to design effective policies on student visas and post-study work rights.

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Crime & policing

How did levels of UK hate crime change during and after Covid-19?

Levels of ethnic, racial and sexual harassment in the UK declined during the pandemic. This was largely driven by the reduction of time that people spent in public places due to lockdowns and other social restrictions.

Schools, universities & training

Generation Covid: how is the pandemic affecting the young?

The past year has been one of the most volatile periods of education policy in history. It is proving costly for every age group of young people: from pre-school through to further and higher education, and those starting out in their careers.

Schools, universities & training

How has Covid-19 affected inequalities between state and private schools?

Covid-19 caused significant and widespread disruption to young people’s education. But the effects were not the same for everyone. Many pre-existing inequalities have been exacerbated, including those between state schools and independent schools.

Energy & climate change

Levies on energy profits: can they solve the UK’s cost of living crisis?

The prospect of windfall taxes on the profits of oil and gas companies has gained support from the British public. But they are unlikely to solve the cost of living crisis alone, even after the recent expansion announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Schools, universities & training

What have two years of interrupted schooling taught us about learning?

Covid-19 has disrupted education for children and young people around the world. Stalled progress in learning continues, as does widening inequality. Additional support for schools is urgently needed to reduce learning gaps.

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