Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

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Why has coronavirus affected cities more than rural areas?

Why have big cities around the world become coronavirus hotspots, while many smaller towns and rural regions have suffered fewer cases and deaths? And what are the roles of urban density and social interaction when global pandemics become more common?

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How will the economic effects of coronavirus vary across areas of the UK?

There are significant differences in economic performance and wellbeing between and within areas of the UK. The health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19 is likely to exacerbate these existing inequalities.

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Which parts of the UK have been hit hardest by the Covid-19 crisis?

The immediate effects of coronavirus, lockdown and the ensuing economic crisis are very large: UK GDP fell by a record 20.4% in April. What do the data tell us about how this economic shock is playing out across the different areas of the UK?

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How will Covid-19 affect Northern Ireland’s economy?

The crisis is likely to produce a severe recession in Northern Ireland. Previous experience suggests that the recovery phase could be rather shallow. Indeed, strictly speaking, the region’s economy had not completed its recovery from the last recession before Covid-19 struck.

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How hard will coronavirus hit Scotland's economy?

Just like everywhere else, Scotland’s economy is facing unprecedented stress from the Covid-19 crisis. How it performs in the months ahead will depend on the policy choices of Scottish ministers – and how these differ, complement or cut across UK-wide policies.

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