Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

Banks & financial markets

Is the banking sector safer than during the global financial crisis?

Stress tests of major banks in 2019 suggested that the sector was sufficiently capitalised and had enough liquidity to withstand big economic shocks and continue to meet the financing needs of households and firms. But is it safer than 10 years earlier? And is it safe enough to cope with economic damage from coronavirus?

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How do changes in asset prices affect the real economy?

There were big falls in share prices well before we grasped the likely severity of the pandemic and the economic impact of coronavirus. So what are the interactions between asset prices and economic activity – and what might price changes imply for future output growth?

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Risk in the time of Covid-19: what do we know and not know?

Coronavirus has exposed the world’s population to an extreme degree of uncertainty in all dimensions of life. How does this unprecedented global event influence our risk-taking – and how can we measure it reliably?

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What explains stock market reactions to the pandemic?

Share prices around the world fell dramatically earlier this year amid fears about the financial implications of the pandemic, but since then prices have recovered around half of their losses. How can we explain what has been happening on the stock market?

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