Questions and answers about coronavirus and the UK economy

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How much will lifting lockdown start to reverse the UK’s economic slump?

Preliminary data suggest that the dramatic fall in UK consumer spending preceded the introduction of lockdown and social distancing in March. Will this fall in consumption reverse as lockdown restrictions ease – or persist because of subdued consumer confidence?

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What are the long-run economic consequences of pandemics?

Historical epidemics provide only a loose guide to the likely economic impact of coronavirus. What history does suggest is that when they occur in societies already under stress, they can provoke wide-ranging and long-term changes in attitudes, culture and institutions.

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How should we allocate limited capacity for coronavirus testing?

Re-opening the economy while minimising infections requires testing – but capacity is limited. To target testing well, policy-makers must consider the types, quality and timing of tests, the costs of errors and the risks of infection across different social groups.

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Risk in the time of Covid-19: what do we know and not know?

Coronavirus has exposed the world’s population to an extreme degree of uncertainty in all dimensions of life. How does this unprecedented global event influence our risk-taking – and how can we measure it reliably?

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What are the lessons for today from running a wartime economy?

The world continues to experience episodes that remind us of the profound disruptions of twentieth-century wartime. But how far does the war analogy stretch? Covid-19 has been able to disrupt our economy at a speed that no foreign enemy has ever matched.

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What is the likely future role of the state in the UK economy?

Economic distress caused by the pandemic, the lockdown and the recession have required a big increase in public spending. How has the crisis affected the size of the state and the effectiveness of government policy?

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Do we make informed decisions when sharing our personal data?

The use of digital technologies to fight Covid-19 raises questions about public access to private data. It also shines a light on how people make economic decisions with regards to their personal data and information.

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What will be the impact of Covid-19 on public attitudes to immigration?

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the UK immigration debate, with tensions between requirements for stricter controls and greater recognition of key workers, many of whom are migrants. How will the crisis affect public attitudes to immigration?

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